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Patient Review from Daniel B

Wow! Where do I begin? Let me start off by saying if you are looking for a specialists to take care of any tooth pain or handle your root canal, if you happen to find Dr. Kim Menhinick, with Advanced Endodontic Associates, you will be in great shape and no need to look any further! She is AMAZING and I will explain exactly why! First off, I have had quite a few root canals with different Endodontists and I am very familiar with the various levels of discomfort that goes along with getting a root canal! For all of these reasons, whenever you mention getting a root canal, folks gasp and immediately say “I’m so sorry”. Well, let me go ahead and say that Dr. Kim Menhinick will put all those worries and concerns to rest immediately from the very first time you see her. My first consultation appointment with her was INCREDIBLE! She was very PATIENT - listening to all of my concerns, THOROUGH - examining every single tooth in the related area, KNOWLEDGEABLE- explaining every single step she was taking and why she was taking that step, SENSITIVE - ensuring that I was not under any discomfort, and finally KIND - letting me feel like I was the most important patient in the world! On the day of my root canal procedure, Kim again explained the entire process to me, made sure I was comfortable, numbed me up really good, and we were off to the races! She took the time to make sure I was protected with the runner guard around my tooth to ensure no bacteria made it into my mouth and explained to me the signs to make with my hand if I ever felt any discomfort at all (spoiler, I never did feel any pain whatsoever). Dr. Kim Menhinick has state of the art equipment that helped to ensure my tooth was cleaned out entirely and completed the procedure very quickly! She is so great and efficient that my jaw was not even tired when she finished as she allowed me to rest my jaw a couple times which really helped! During the entire procedure she thoroughly explained what she was doing and kept me up to speed with what she was seeing. Dr. Kim Menhinick is an AMAZING Endodontist and I will recommend that all of my friends and family go to this specialist. She made a life long patient out of me! Thank you again for your amazing work!

- Daniel B

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Patient Review from William G

Thanks for prompt, efficient service and for playing my choice of music.

- William G

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Patient Review from Donald W

Although "root canals" traditionally have a reputation for being a procedure that one would like to avoid if at all possible, my experience with Advanced Endodontics Associates was exactly the opposite! Dr. Michael Ribera was great: very professionally capable with very reassuring doctor/patient "people skills." He showed me and educated me about every step of the procedure and was more than willing to answer all of my many questions. All of the rest of the DC office's staff were equally great in their respective roles... from the pleasant/calming and efficient greeting at the front desk, to the assistance of the professional dental assistants, to the capable office staff assistance in arranging payment and future appointments. Thanks to all.

- Donald W

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Patient Review from Bela D

The staff was wonderful, Thank you. I especially liked that Dr Simon explained every part of the procedure as we went along. Very comforting. Overall, a very congenial experience.

- Bela D

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Patient Review from Stephen T

Dr Hetz told me throughout the procedure what he was doing and why that step of the procedure was important and how long it would take.

- Stephen T

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Patient Review from France V

I was impressed by the efficiency of the harmonious team work of the dentist and his assistant treating delicately my root canal.

- France V

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Patient Review from Michael W

First let me say the fear I had of ever needing another root canal. But, four days before my child's wedding which was out of the country. I was having dinner and out of blue the tooth next to my front tooth started to hurt when I "tapped" it. I knew I was in trouble. Since I am in the healthcare field, I had heard about the "GentleWave" procedure and Dr. Menhinick. I waited ten days to get back to the States by taking an antibiotic so I could see Dr. Menhinick. (YMMV) I knew how important it is to remove the nerve, remove the pulp and clean the tooth to avoid re-infection. I wanted to avoid a apicoectomy in the future or loose my tooth! Dr. Menhinick took the time to explain the procedure every step of the way. After it was over, I took an OTC pain pill. (Just in case of pain after the novocaine would wear off). I never followed up with another pain pill because I did not need too! I hope I never need her services again, but, I would recommend Dr. Menhinick if I did or if someone I knew needed a root canal.

- Michael W

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Patient Review from Richard C

We have been to the office numerous times. All have been a pleasure....with the exception of having to go at all! The dental assistants are kind and knowledgeable, the doctors are exceptional and the “front office” beyond description! Here’s to Margaret, Jaime and Alan for making our visits so pleasant.

- Richard C

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Patient Review from Ana M

Dr Hetz is an outstanding endodontist. He is a true professional and very nice. He is incredibly knowledgeable and explains everything he is doing in detail to make you feel so comfortable. I would not have been happier with my experience. The dental work I had done was shockingly painless. Everyone was super welcoming, genuine, professional, kind and caring. From arrival through departure, they were excellent and thoughtful in their approach and they offered a comprehensive overview of what needed to be done and why would need to be done in the future. The office is nice and inviting, and everything is state-of-the-art. I love their technology. Thanks for your expertise and hospitality!

- Ana M

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Patient Review from Michael T

The staff here are friendly and thorough. Dr. Assadipour walked me through her evaluation process and also provided explanations of the root canal treatment process throughout the treatment and very thoughtfully discussed what to expect for that tooth afterwards. It was clear that she was making her recommendations based on the best interest of the patient. She also took excellent care to ensure I was comfortable during the procedure. A root canal is no one's preferred way to spend an hour, and there are a lot of interesting instruments that fly past your eyes, but their demeanor and expertise with the procedure made for a good experience.

- Michael T

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Patient Review from Alla S

Dr. Simon is one of the best doctors I have met. I was under his care for over 25 years. His high professionalism, thoughtful, skilled approach to patients' condition and his personal skills deserves admiration.

- Alla S

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Patient Review from Norman K

Dr. Ribera and all his staff of assistants were superbly kind and helpful. Dr.Ribera himself was extremely friendly and thoughtful as well as professional .He often explained each step of the procedure and alleviated any concerns I may have had. I also enjoyed the classical music that he played during the procedure (Beethoven's Emperor Concerto).

- Norman K

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Patient Review from Mike R

- Mike R

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Patient Review from Kacey M

- Kacey M

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Patient Review from Justin P

- Justin P

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Patient Review from Ellen P

No pain during, after, night of, next day of procedure!

- Ellen P

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Patient Review from Lisa B

Always a friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff. The experience was as pleasant as a root canal can be!

- Lisa B

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Patient Review from Virginia H

I really appreciate your working me in on a emergency basis, and you did a great job. The procedure was as comfortable as a root canal could be.

- Virginia H

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Patient Review from Marta M

Wonderful and caring treatment with doctor Cantamessa

- Marta M

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Patient Review from Jocelyn K

Dr. Simon could not have been more caring. He explained every step of the process to me and constantly checked in to make sure that I was comfortable. Root canal is not fun, but it was about as good as it gets!

- Jocelyn K

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