Patient Review from Michael W

First let me say the fear I had of ever needing another root canal. But, four days before my child's wedding which was out of the country. I was having dinner and out of blue the tooth next to my front tooth started to hurt when I "tapped" it. I knew I was in trouble. Since I am in the healthcare field, I had heard about the "GentleWave" procedure and Dr. Menhinick. I waited ten days to get back to the States by taking an antibiotic so I could see Dr. Menhinick. (YMMV) I knew how important it is to remove the nerve, remove the pulp and clean the tooth to avoid re-infection. I wanted to avoid a apicoectomy in the future or loose my tooth! Dr. Menhinick took the time to explain the procedure every step of the way. After it was over, I took an OTC pain pill. (Just in case of pain after the novocaine would wear off). I never followed up with another pain pill because I did not need too! I hope I never need her services again, but, I would recommend Dr. Menhinick if I did or if someone I knew needed a root canal.

- Michael W

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